OCD Cleaning: Quality comes from experience

OCD Cleaning is known for its professional, thorough and cost-efficient solutions. We come recommended by a growing number of customers from both the private and commercial sectors.

What our customers say about our work

  • My wife and I have been customers for over 4 years and have been completely satisfied. When we have special requests for an additional cleaning prior to parties or holiday get together(s), they have always been met. We work in and out of our home on a regular basis, often leaving valuables around and never have a problem. Have recommended to friends and neighbors also.



  • I want to send you this letter of recommendation for OCD Cleaning (Christina)and your staff, letting you know how much we appreciate your professionalism, your level of service and your responsiveness to our cleaning needs. Throughout the years, you have always stepped up and made things happen when we needed your intervention.

    The cleaning crews that have worked at our home are doing a great job. They are here when scheduled and work fast and efficiently. Whenever we have a special request you guys get right on it and take care of it.

    Thanks for the great job you’re doing and we look forward to using The Key People well into the future.
    Gary from Imperial Oaks


  • I would like to express my appreciation for your company’s attention to detail when cleaning our home. We had tried several different companies and were not satisfied with any of them, OCD Cleaning company is professional, more thorough than the previously used companies. After a year I am still very comfortable with our decision. The special cleaning check list used to show any areas that need special attention are part of the "whole package" that have led me to recommend your company to several of my friends. I am very pleased with OCD Cleaning and look forward to using your service in the future.
    Rene From Spring, Tx.


  • We are very pleased to recommend OCD Cleaning Services as a superior cleaning service; we have been completely satisfied with their professionalism and with Christina's quality and efficiency of her work. She has not only met our expectations, but truly exceeded them. The quality of OCD Cleaning Services is well worth the cost. In my experience with other cleaning services over the past several years, OCD Cleaning Services is by far the best.
    Mr. & MRS. Williams of Legends Ranch


  • I have and will continue to recommed OCD Cleaning to friends, family and neighbors in the area. All the girls have been friendly, efficient, professional and hard workers. They pay attention to special requests in addition to a standard allover clean. I tried one company before OCD and was disappointed with what did not get cleaned and how the team chatted together the entire time. OCD never leaves things unfinished and staff always works independently to get the job done in record time. We were especially lucky to find OCD before my immunocompromised twins came home because Christina and her staff really paid attention to their health concerns and went above and beyond. They have always done a great job to leave a beautifully cleaned home! 


  • I am happy to recommend OCD Cleaning as an excellent cleaning service. I have tried several other cleaning services but none clean as thorough as these ladies do. Christina is very easy to deal with whenever there are special requests. They are trustworthy and very careful not to break things. I am very OCD about my house and if they can satisfy me they can surely please most anyone.



    I am definitely a life long customer of OCD Cleaning. They have incredible attention to detail.  I like my bathrooms cleaned a certain way - and it's done above my standards every single time.  The communication with
    Christina and the flexibility in scheduling is definitely superior to any other service I've used. I recommend OCD Cleaning to anyone and everyone.Love them!!









What our customers say about our work

"The employees in my company place great value on cleanliness. So it is a good thing that we can rely on OCD Cleaning, no matter the circumstance. The cleaning personnel are always punctual, they do their work quickly and conscientiously. Take our word for it!"


"Reliable and with an eye for detail. OCD Cleaning has been cleaning my house for years."


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