OCD Cleaning Policies

Our pledge to you as a valued customer includes:


  • 100% satisfaction: Our primary goal is to always respond with the best service delivery that’s available. Until you are totally satisfied, we are not content ( 24 hour policy from initial cleaning ). We diligently strive to apply all technical advances in cleaning management, and work to overcome all cleaning obstacles.
  • Guaranteed professionalism and reliability: All of our helpers are handpicked. We thoroughly vet each applicant so we can trust them completely, in every area. Not only have they proven honest, and hardworking, they are also thoroughly trained. No one is just turned loose in your building. We guarantee regular supervision, and thorough building inspections.
  • Attention to detail: Anyone can make a quick pass through a building, and call it clean. We clean behind the doors, in the corners, and under the desks. By thoroughly cleaning each area, we pay close attention to details that are often neglected by other janitors.
  •  Total Service: We will - Keep janitorial closets organized, and clean, Notify Client / management of plumbing problems, inoperable building equipment, or defective lights, Notify management immediately of any security breaches, or maintenance emergencies, Refrain from blocking any exterior doors, Secure all exit doors while cleaning, Deny entrance to any visitor unless pre-approved by management, Close exterior widows prior to leaving, and Lock designated doors.
  • Prompt follow up: Because we are a service company, we strive to stay in close touch. Not only do we inspect your home and or building regularly; we phone, visit, or email to encourage feedback.

Should a problem ever exist, you can be assured it will be promptly handled. With our level of dedication and commitment, you will be glad you selected us to care for your home and or facility ( 24 hour policy from initial cleaning ). Thank you again for the opportunity. We hope we can work together as a team in the future.

OCD Cleaning stands for:

 A comprehensive service portfolio

Cleaning optimally adapted to your needs
Non-hazardous and environmentally friendly cleaning agents
Qualified, reliable and friendly personnel
Internal audits of finished work
Rapid handling of complaints



Late Cancellations / Rescheduling / Lock Out 

Any appointment canceled less than 24hrs prior to the scheduled appoint time will be subjected to a min.$25.00(up to full service rate) This fee is in place to cover expenses we incur for lost time and travel.

Credit Card Transactions

We do accept VISA, MC, DISCOVER (We will apply a $3.50 convenience charge to all credit charges)

Background Check

OCD Cleaning members of staff are hired after a series of successful background checks. Our staff are fully trained and easily recognizable by its OCD Cleaning uniform. All our staff are under contract with OCD Cleaning.


 "I understand that OCD Cleaning may send occasional text messages or emails for appointment reminders and promotions." By providing your number you consent to receive messages from this company, to opt-out reply STOP at any moment. Msg & Data rates may apply.“

Custodial Pledge of Excellence

Our staff has made a personal commitment to professionalism including:

  • Public health – maintaining a high level of cleanliness by thoroughly performing each task. Consistent and meticulous performance assures a healthy, and germ free environment.
  • Safety – performing tasks by using safe, sanitary, and aseptic cleaning procedures. Avoiding slip-shod, or inferior cleaning methods will safeguard the well-being of others.
  • Detail – employing a conscientious work ethic. Close attention to detail ensures quality, and allows others to enjoy a clean, and attractive facility. Finished tasks will be self-inspected to eliminate substandard work.      
  • Knowledge – gaining new and improved skills through training, and education. A quest to look, listen, and learn in order to constantly improve performance. Wisdom is gained by maintaining a non-biased point of view.    
  • Mastery – understanding the operation of various cleaning tools, techniques, and supplies. Superior diagnostic and troubleshooting skills resolve most cleaning problems. Dedication, and determination are required to achieve excellence in workmanship.
  • Cooperation - committing to teamwork, communications and common goals. Mutual respect builds morale. End users (our customers) will experience accommodating service levels. Open communications will encourage feedback.      
  • Integrity – displaying honesty in all dealings. A straightforward approach builds trust, strengthens accountability, and encourages prompt resolution of cleaning deficiencies. Going the second mile - ensures that promises are kept.  
  • Maturity - affording the same level of courtesy to others as you would like to receive. Constructive relationships prosper when unjust criticism, complaining, backbiting, tattling, and unkind remarks are curtailed. Proper image, dress, grooming and mature conduct further display professionalism.
  • Initiative – applying a resourceful work ethic to make things better. A proactive approach locates substandard appearances, and addresses them before problems arise. Dependability is demonstrated by punctuality, and perseverance.  
  • Efficiency - embracing improved technology, and employing productive work skills. Reducing wasted movement, non-productive activities, and unnecessary tasks is a critical goal. By setting a steady pace, each job can be pushed along to efficient completion.    
  • Security – employing watchful, and alert observation to protect the safety and assets of everyone. Careful adherence to protective policies will ensure safety and security. Sensitive and private information must remain confidential. 
  • Custodianship – responding to the needs of others, and at the same time protecting facility assets. Proper care and maintenance extends the longevity of equipment, supplies, fixtures, furniture, and structures.